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Let's face it. Pain sucks - and any relief offered by Big Pharma is quickly offset by a myriad of side-effects. Opioids and other synthetic painkillers often cause tragic complications, and are the cause of the addiction and overdose epidemic facing the U.S.

Our CBD and Cannabis is of the highest quality, relieves pain without the pharmaceutical side-effects or the potential of addiction. Isn't it time to not only BE PAIN FREE, but to BE PAIN FREE - SAFELY?

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We are a reliable and trusted source of Medicinal Cannabis for patients across the country who suffer from illness, pain, mood disorders and more. Find out for yourself why so many patients have placed their trust in Be Pain Free for their medicinal needs.


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Medicinal Cannabis is available to you today. The only requirement is a valid Medical Marijuana Recommendation, which can be obtained online with a Doctor from the comfort of your own home. Schedule your appointment and get your recommendation below. 

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