Proper Nutrition Can Heal and Prevent Disease

by | Wisdom

Proper Nutrition Can Heal and Prevent Disease

by | Wisdom

Did you know that proper nutrition can heal and prevent disease?

The body is a perfect machine, it is able to maintain perfect health as long as it receives the raw materials it needs. The challenge today is the foods we eat do not contain all the nutrients and minerals that our body requires. Farmers usually only put back 10 nutrients and minerals in the soil instead of the 90 that it is supposed to have.

Dr. Wallach is a soil scientist, veterinarian, comparative pathologist and an MD. He went around the world and studied the soil of people who lived a long healthy life and also studied the soil of people who died very young. He found a huge correlation with disease and the lack of these minerals and nutrients in the soils.

Nutrition Deficiency Causes Many Health Problems

Back in 1978, the Chinese government hired Dr. Wallach to figure out why they lost 1700 children in one year to cystic fibrosis. He autopsied all their bodies and found they were all deficient in one mineral called selenium. After his findings, the government made it mandatory for the children to take one pill of selenium every day and they have not had any more cases of cystic fibrosis.

I bring this up because there are still on the average of 500 people a year dying from this in the US alone. They are dying because they are not aware of the one mineral deficiency causing this disease. Yet it was figured out over 30 years ago. Over the past several decades he has help people recover from all diseases by introducing them to proper nutrition and this always leads them back to a healthy body. 

Most of today’s doctors are not educated enough in nutrition. Yet they receive far too much education in pharmaceuticals and this is the problem with the current health care system.

We can take back our health and slow down the aging process with the proper nutrition.

It is my intention here to give you all the information you need to help you make the correct choices with your health.

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