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Vibration is All Around Us


In the world we live in science shows us that everything is energy, even a rock is alive on the quantum level. All physical matter is energy in motion; the only difference is the speed at which the energy is moving.

Let’s take water as an example; it can be water, ice or steam. When water becomes steam it can power a locomotive.

I bring this up because our bodies are the same; if we raise our vibration we become powerful. So what thoughts are we thinking during the day? What eating habits do we have? What kind of speech are we using?

Everything we do affects our vibration.

If you look at all religions they speak of their Gods performing miracles, or stories of saints performing miracles. These people were just living at a higher vibration.

Let’s step back from all religions and find a common thread. They all say we were created in God’s image in some way.

We are creators but what are we creating? Where is our attention all day? If we focus on the news or the problems that are going on in our lives our vibration would be low.

Power vs. Force

Dr. David Hawkins wrote a wonderful book called “Power vs. Force” and in this book, he talks about Kinesiology. Kinesiology is a form of muscle testing, which shows that the body knows inherently what is good for it and what is not.

He came up with this conclusion during thousands of studies where he would take lots of people have them hold an envelope to their hearts and he would muscle test them. The ones being muscle tested would not know what was in the envelope but when the substance was harmful, the body would go weak during the testing.

This is pretty amazing because again the person did not know what was in the envelope. For example, when the substance was vitamin C their muscles would stay strong.

Calibrating Your Vibration

He took this knowledge and used it to calibrate a scale of consciousness. (I like to think of this is how fast we are vibrating.) So this scale goes from 0 to 1000. A Christ-like consciousness would calibrate at a thousand and Hitler calibrated at 147.

The average American calibrates at 207. I believe mother Teresa was at 750. So why is this important? The conclusion is that if we learn to raise our vibration all our life experiences will improve. We can improve our health, wealth or happiness.

Let’s start off by being in the moment and paying attention to what thoughts we are choosing to tune in to. Start selecting thoughts that make you happy and disregarding the rest. After a few days, you will notice how much better you feel and that the thoughts you are having are getting better.

Learning to guide the mind does take time because it is like a muscle, the more you do it the easier it will get.

Another great thing to do is be mindful of all the things we put in our body. The better our diets the more energy we have because the body isn’t wasting energy on filtering out the garbage. Obviously synthetic drugs and alcohol lower the vibration and staying away from these helps you maintain your higher vibration.

Meditation and Prayer

Learning to sit quietly and focusing on your breathing, taking longer deeper breaths and holding it for a few seconds and then releasing it slowly, helps tremendously in raising the vibration. It has been called meditation or prayer but when you do this you are breathing in more chi. This is an energy that is everywhere.

Many cultures had a name for this, chi stems from the Chinese culture. In India, they referred to this as Praná. This energy is also used in many healing practices, one of them being Reiki.

I learned to use this when I took some classes to help my sister who was suffering from kidney issues. After many sessions, I noticed I could charge batteries and my kids toys. This energy is real and has many benefits when you start intentionally bringing more of it into your body.

The most important thing you can do to raise your vibration is to live from the heart.

In “Power vs Force” Dr. Hawkins says that this automatically puts you at 500 on the scale of consciousness and this alone would drastically change your circumstances. We have to remember that we are powerful creators. So if we do not learn to focus our attention and we put it on problems, we will get more of the same no matter how much we raise our vibration.

When I first did all of these things I actually got a lot more problems because I amplified myself but didn’t change the thought patterns.


With all of that being said we are here to be creators and enjoy life. Christ said the kingdom of heaven is within you. It is really quite simple, just follow your intuition and your heart and you will see remarkable results.

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